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Nubi-a-sthete: Zola Chalufu

Meet the beautiful Nokuzola Chalufu. I asked the 20 something year old to tell me about her hair-scapades and style inspiration. Dig in...

"I'm a dreamer, a lover of the arts, collect all things bright and beautiful, love people who make me laugh until my tummy hurts, enjoy listening to peoples stories, love taking random pics, lover of reading, lover of eating and coming up with new recipes, music is the air I breath and my soul mate whom I occasionally cheat on with clothes. I love ugly looking shoes and making them look good hahaha, parks and picnics make me happy, love travelling.
I have fallen in love with Africa and  respect people who take pride in who they are

Some of the things I love in captured moments:
photo moments 

chilling with friends

the beach
music and fringe singles


My Hair Journey
I can write a book about my hair (ok not really), but it has a story and I will try and keep it short.
I have had countless hairdos, from your step 1 relaxers, Black silk, to Dark n Lovely, I tried out most of them. I preferred Dark n Lovely growing up because it gave my hair that “silky look” (gosh like that was cool).
Part of my childhood I had a “schicko”, wish I had photos of that, s-curled the hair, grew it cut it, had the bob cut blah blah… My  Mom used to like curling my hair with rollers especially if we were going to a wedding or somewhere special, I really hated it because for some reason it seemed to make my head look bigger. I liked cornrows, and there was this weird plait called “ithambo la fish” in Zulu which means “fish bone” , the name fitted the plait because it looked  just like a fish bone when done (really wish I had a photo of that) but you can probably imagine it. Wheuw my head kind of experienced it all, different hair looks always excited me (still do).  Enough about my childhood hair drama.
I decided to cut all the relaxer drama 6 years ago(wish I did it sooner), it was really a spontaneous move, I plaited in between and just let my hair grow naturally
mini fro
I plaited my afro every single night before I slept
to avoid it looking shady  the next morning.What I love 
about growing hair naturally is that it’s an unpredictable 
journey,that has whole lot of different crazy stages
before it actually looks decent (it has a lot to do with patience
 as well washed it two two three times a week and moisturized
 it with any good hair food I could get my hands on at that time. 
It eventually looked like this
box braids 
red vintage blues
pin up style

I shaved my afro sadly because I converted the afro to dreads, which did not turn out too well. I do not have photos of the dread-locks-gone-Bad!!! I randomly think of how my afro would look now, but that is just a sad thought, Sigh.

For now I am loving the no hair·Low maintenanceTime saver. 
At the end, hair does grow, but for now I am enjoying the freedom of no hair


when i grow up my hair's gonna look like this

i recently dyed my hair

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