Thursday, 19 July 2012

Afro-Kamikaze interviews - Mac P

There is a constant progression of technique and variation of styles in Mac P’s work. It is steeped in the classics; his synergies of dope bass lines and crisp soulful voices make for head bopping and foot tapping feel good music. I caught up with him to talk, Inspiration, Aspiration and Perspiration

AK: Tell me about Mac-P, where you were born and raised, and the first tape / record you bought, first musical loves and interests…

MP: I was born in Atteridgeville (Pretoria-West), in the early 80’s. I remember back when I was 8, I used to play with my uncle’s Phillips Turn-Table & his Vinyl’s. I would lock myself in the backyard-garage & listen to his collections all day long. And most of the vinyls were 70’s Soul Music, a little bit of Jazz & Funk. Then as the years progressed, I got into Hip Hop Music through my brother’s friend. The Monster was created right THERE!  Years later, I met a friend in high school, Huge, who was into computer programs & hip hop, so we “clicked”. He taught me more about making beats & I shared my collection of cassette-tapes with him. Then, we started making beats for local-hip hop heads. In 2005, we formed a hip hop crew called “Vice Squad” Two-Man click, Mac-P & Huge. We recorded a single, and that was it. A year later I recorded a 18-track album “Positive Reactions”.  I struggled to put it out there due to financial circumstances, and the project flopped. So that “whole” finance issue never stopped me from doing what I love, 10 years later I’m still “Married to the Game”.
*The 1st tape I bought was Ice-T’s O.G (Original Gangster, 1991 Sire, Warner Bros. Records).

AK:  You use social media to share messages of love, humility and musical throwbacks of by the dozen. At the same time though, you seem to talk discipline, what sources inspire this?

MP:  I was raised by grandmother, may her Soul Rest In Uhuru. She was the most humble being I know, and I remember as a kid I wanted to be like her, she always had a positive way of dealing with things, so I guess she raised me well.

AK: Your mixes are always such a refreshing listen; Funky African and Soulful Joints Vol. 2 have really stuck with me… Tell me about your creative process.

MP: Well, I Have a Huge library of music in my mind, a variety of music I’ve been collecting since 1994, so basically, I know what to put on before I even start mixing, so I blend my “mix” with my everyday-living. 

AK: I peeped a YouTube video which circulated the web of a collaborative effort between you and McOneline (confirmation please). What avenues have been opened up for you and what obstacles do you encounter as an artist in SA?

MP: Oh Yes, McOneline is an Emcee  from  Durham, North Carolina (U.S.A), he’s a member of “Shadowstar Boxing Academy”. 
- I’ve put the name “Mac-P” on the map, that is: Germany, Sweden, London, Japan, United States & I’m aiming at other places too, watch the spaces.  S.A got raw talent, and it’s sad ‘cause a lot of  great artists find it hard to make it out here ‘cause the industry is controlled by CLOWNS that don’t even know a thing about Hip Hop or Creative Music.

AK: Your mixes are tributes to, acknowledge and sow respect to the militancy of days gone by, what do you see as your role in affirming Black youth in our times?

MP:  I have a lot of respect for “old school” artists/composers, so I’m just trying to walk on the ways that they’ve paved.

AK: What’s next for Mac-P?       

MP: 1. I’m currently working on a project with Ays’N’Beez (, a hip hop Duo from  Norrk√∂ping, Sweden. We did a track together last year called “Be Cool” (, so we both felt it would be proper for all the 3 of us to work on a project.
2. I’m also working on a “Vintage-Flick Beat-Series” where I’ll be composing tracks & adding relevant speeches/dialogues. It’s a 13-track series.I was inspired by 60’s-70’s European Action Movies which I’ve been collecting for over 5 years now. I’m done with the opening theme, here’s a link (, and the series will be out SOON...Inshallah.

AK: Where can we find Mac-P?

MP: Ya’ll can find me all over the Universe, I exist everywhere through Music!!!

(Facebook Artist Page)

AK: Thank you for the love, life and music. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Nubiasthete - Pat Cleveland

Meet model Pat Cleveland, What a fox!! Her Style is, well...everything. Some of you will recognize her, she's still in the business of fashion. 

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, her mother, Ladybird Cleveland, renowned New York artist.