Friday, 24 February 2012

Fears of a Black planet

Boiling with rage
in yet another sweltering summer of discontent.
GM seeds germinate only to terminate
lives which enter the Black planet
every second, minute, hour
only for Capitalism to devour.
As granaries hollow out,
the echo of growling stomachs is amplified
and blood sugar runs dangerously low.
The familiar tune of hunger
is accompanied by the tread of weary feet
drowned out by the whizz of luxury  fleet
whilst lungs fill with carbon monoxide
only adding to Black toil and strife.
You deny us even running water
You chop down trees old and wise
and leave in their place bland architecture.
The Black planet fears implosion
triggered by encroachment on its orbit
Anxiety our daily pill
our fears left unquelled by poor political will.