Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Farting presidents by Tope Omoniyi

farting president go:
then steal a glance from
corner of eyes to see who's
cheeky enough to hold their breath

but noting smiles of understanding
despatched to save their faces

farting presidents go:
then break their conference
with press, a pause
to see which journal reps
wear mischief looks
threatening to leak the news
of leaks in presidential butts
again seeing no nerves
of dissent voices in sight

farting presidents go:
poop, poooop, poooooooooooo
easing pressure between
the claps of cheeks
first in small puffs
of air endangering
then in gusts that rock
the boat of state
and noting that none
is yet uncalmed,

farting presidents go:
ffffffff, gooooof, poooooop, crap,
slapping big fat craps across
the face of the nation!

nothing sudden,
and i can swear nothing,
unexpected, for indeed,
farting presidents test the waters
before they shit on the head of all

silence sends signals of consent
spare the rod and spoil the president

-Published without consent of the poet, found in Chimurenga magazine

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